Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcoholism and Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation for alcohol addiction is a process that can be done at home, on an outpatient basis, or through an inpatient facility specifically designed for this purpose. When choosing a type of program, it is important to understand which one will work best for you.

Alcohol Recovery at Home

Those who have not been drinking for a very long time or who do not consume large amounts might be able to recover from alcoholism on their own, but it is very difficult and requires lots of discipline and self-motivation. It is often safer and more effective, especially during the period of withdrawal, for those who wish to quit using alcohol to attend a licensed facility. Detoxing from alcohol addiction can be dangerous and even deadly and often requires medical intervention. Those who do wish to recover on their own at home should obtain all of the information possible regarding addiction and recovery to have the best chance of remaining alcohol free.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Outpatient treatment may work best for those who are employed and are unable to miss any work due to the recovery process. Outpatient programs will have individual or group sessions to help people recover from addiction. However, with outpatient treatment programs, there is a greater risk of relapse as the person still may have easy access to alcohol. Although there is some level of support from professionals and counselors at the facility, much time will be spent recovering individually without outside assistance.

Inpatient Alcoholism Recovery

It is often most effective to seek inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction. There is around the clock care and support to help individuals more fully recover from addiction. It is important to choose a facility that is licensed and meets the regulations and requirements for treatment in that state. Those who attend inpatient treatment can focus solely on recovery without distractions, but must prepare themselves for everyday life after leaving the facility. The best option might be to attend inpatient treatment for as long as possible, followed by outpatient treatment and self-therapy as a type of aftercare for long term sobriety.