Causes of ED

Common Physical and Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Many men face complications with erectile dysfunction, the condition of being unable to achieve or keep an erection. Some erectile dysfunction causes are physical, while others can arise from a variety of psychological factors. While having a conversation with your doctor about this condition may be embarrassing, getting ED treated with appropriate medications may make a significant difference with relationship problems and with your own sense of confidence and energy. In this article, the primary psychological and physical causes of erectile dysfunction will be identified and described.

Performance Anxiety and other Psychological Factors

In men under the age of 40 who suffer from erectile dysfunction, the cause is almost always psychological. Stress, depression and nervousness are common causes. Some young men have concerns about causing pregnancies, while others have trouble focusing on intimacy because of stressful circumstances in their lives, such as losing a job.

Performance anxiety is one of the primary psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Feeling pressure to perform sexually or feeling a sense of inadequacy or lack of confidence can cause stress, which in turn constricts blood vessels and can make it difficult or impossible to get an erection. Furthermore, a preoccupation with whether or not you can perform makes it difficult to focus on the actual act of performing. Performance anxiety can happen to anyone, including men who normally do not have trouble achieving an erection.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

In order for an erection to occur, blood must be able to travel through the arteries to a man’s penis. It follows that a number of the medical conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunction constrict the arteries and make blood flow difficult. The potential physical causes of ED are many, and a majority of erectile dysfunction cases are a result of these causes.

Diabetes a high percentage of men who have diabetes experience erectile dysfunction at some point, since diabetes causes damage to blood vessels and nerves, and is the most common physical cause of ED.

A low testosterone level, which may result from an injury or inherited condition, can make it difficult to get an erection.

Conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure also affect the arteries and can cause erectile dysfunction. Excessive drinking and smoking can lead to similar problems.

Some medicines, such as blood pressure drugs, may cause side effects that include erectile dysfunction.