ED Medications

Do ED Medications Treat Heart Conditions?

While we commonly think of ED medications as treating erectile dysfunction, are there other uses for these drugs? In fact, modern medicine often uses medications commonly associated with certain symptoms for obscure ailments. The same is also true with ED medications. Listed below, you will learn about the fascinating ways that ED medication improves the health of patients for reasons other than erectile ones.

The First Uses of ED Medications

In the beginning, medications that were eventually used for erectile dysfunction were first used to treat cardiac problems. Over the years, it has gained popularity for treating erectile dysfunction, but it has continuously been noted for being effective for cardiac symptoms. For example, in August 2007, Harvard Men’s Health Watch published an article stating that ED drugs were being used to treat patients with:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Mountain sickness
  • Diastolic dysfunction

Each of these diseases need a medication that will improve circulation, spasms of small arteries, reduce pulmonary artery pressure or they improve the ability to exercise due to low-oxygen conditions. In particular, this means that ED drugs are more effective than natural treatment options or other alternatives. This is especially true when treating cardiac issues related to veins, arteries and oxygen delivery. Regardless, this is not the only way that ED drugs are being used to treat illness.

Boy Is Saved by ED Drugs

A recent headline from Mexico concerned a 10-year-old boy that had a gigantic chest tumor. Doctors were able to save the boy’s life by giving him ED medication. The reason that it was given to the boy was due to the tumor-shrinking side effects associated with ED drugs. Once Jose Serrano’s tumor shrank, it became an operable size.

German Mice Lose Weight with ED Drugs

The Max Planck Institute in Germany recently released information stating they would use ED drugs to treat obesity. Their studies showed that ED drugs turned white fat cells into burnable energy. The way it works is that ED drugs turn white fat cells into what is termed as brown or brite fat cells. Nevertheless, it is unknown if they will take ED drugs out of the testing phase and prescribe them for general obesity treatment options.

Cut flowers’ Life Is Lengthened with ED Drugs

Israeli plant physiologist Ya’acov Leshem discovered that ED drugs will keep cut flowers standing tall for up to a week longer than usual. Backing up his research, famous UK TV gardener, David Domoney agrees. According to Domoney, ED drugs slow down the dying process of flowers with nitric oxide, and this is a money-saver for the cut-flower industry. Nitric oxide is the chemical in ED drugs that makes a man’s penis muscles relax allowing the blood to rush in to perk the penis. To get this effect for plants, a 50 milligram ED pill will produce 50 cut flower bouquet doses.

What Other Ailments Could ED Drugs Aid?

Although many are still in the testing process, there are prominent websites publishing that ED drugs can cure a wide range of symptoms. In addition to relaxing blood vessels as a general cardiac treatment, ED drugs may have the capability to prevent heart failure, reduce diabetes symptoms, decrease chronic pain, prevent premature births, reduce memory loss and treat cancer. Obviously, there are many positive headlines on the horizon that will make you thank your lucky stars that you are taking this dynamic ED drug.