Geriatric Physical Therapy

Importance of Geriatric Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the most important medical services that you can undergo. If you have had an illness or an accident that affected your body in a drastic manner, this is the best way to get back on your feet, both literally and figuratively. While most people don’t automatically think of geriatrics in relation to these services, there is such a thing as geriatric physical therapy for elderly adults of varying levels.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Therapy is of utmost importance for older individuals who have suffered from a major life changing event. Such events include a fall that resulted in a broken bone, stroke, or heart attack, or even Alzheimer’s disease. It can allow people to recover the ability to become mobile again and to regain strength in their upper and lower bodies, to be able to speak and have language skills again, and to perform necessary basic everyday tasks such as cleaning, toileting and eating.

Generally speaking, physical therapy can even allow a geriatric patient to learn how to become independent again. It can help in avoiding future falls, something that can be a challenge if the person has fallen even once before in the past. The types of therapy available in geriatrics include exercise, education and manual therapy, and individuals are assisted by physical therapists that are skilled in these areas and a variety of other services.

A geriatric patient can expect to receive a good deal of benefits as a result of therapy. It can help to reduce overall pains, increase the individual’s overall level of fitness, range of motion in the joints and improve sensation where they might have not had feeling after their incident. It can promote better mobility in walking, show the patient how to better balance himself or herself and position the body, increase flexibility and maximize their functionality. Therapy can even help the individual to prevent a deeper decline due to their physical ailment or injury. Older individuals can even enjoy better independence as a result of the therapy, as there may even be recommendations on how to make their home more accessible to them so that it is easier for them to get around.

Other conditions that people may have that can be treated effectively as a result of geriatric therapy include arthritis, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, amputation, pulmonary disease, dementia and cancer. It is worth looking into therapeutic services for any of these medical conditions as the patient can greatly benefit as a result.