Dual Treatment Centers

The Association between Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Recent statistics indicate a significant link exists between substance abuse and mental illness. These studies show that approximately 50 percent of people with mental illnesses have drug or alcohol problems. Likewise, about 53 percent of people who abuse drugs and alcohol have eventually been diagnosed with some type of mental illness. This leaves many experts arguing about whether addiction is caused by the mental illness or the mental illness is caused by the exposure to alcohol and drugs. Whatever the outcome of that ongoing study, dual treatment centers can help.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a deep dependency on some type of substance or behavior. Those who have problems with alcoholism have an emotional, psychological and physical dependence on it. The addiction may come from a wide variety of factors, up to and including mental illness. People with certain mental disorders have imbalances in their brain chemicals. Some of them seek depressants such as alcohol to calm a manic mood or to mask depression. Those who use stimulant drugs may suffer from depression. The addiction part of the problem occurs when the user feels as though he or she cannot stop without suffering from devastating withdrawal symptoms or feeling deprived of all the pleasures of life. A dual treatment center can ease a person through this situation.

What are Dual Treatment Centers?

Dual treatment centers are substance abuse rehabilitation centers that treat the clients simultaneously for mental disorders and drug addiction. Since it is so difficult to establish what came first in most cases, the specialists within the facility will treat both problems equally. Most facilities will have an initial assessment with the client. The initial assessment may ask questions about the person’s moods, beliefs, habits, likes and dislikes. Some facilities have several day evaluations and assessments, while others may only have a one-hour session to start treatment.

Dual Treatment Programs

Dual treatment centers offer various types of treatment programs that are blended together to give the client the most stability. Counseling is a huge part of a dual diagnosis treatment plan. Counseling touches the addicted person’s spirit and encourages the person to find better ways to cope. Counseling sessions also give addicted persons some insight on the plights and struggles of others.

To schedule a meeting with a local rehabilitation facility, the addict or a loved one can dial the facility directly. A caring staff member will make an appointment for a walk through.