ED Treatment Centers

What to Expect at Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Centers

ED treatment centers offer private consulting services for men affected by erectile dysfunction. There are medical, surgical, as well as natural ED treatment options but the best treatment depends upon the individual’s underlying condition. Unfortunately, many men are unwilling to talk to their physicians about problems maintaining or achieving an erection and do not seek treatment. Erectile dysfunction can be treated at any age and patients report more life satisfaction when the problem is resolved.

Medical Interventions

Drugs such as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra are currently approved for treatment of erectile dysfunction. All of them work by blocking production of an enzyme so if one of them does not work for a particular person, it is unlikely that any of the others will. In successful cases, men are able to achieve an erection when they are sexually stimulated shortly after taking the drug. The effects may last up to five hours.

Alprostadil works differently. It is generally administered by shot or via a suppository inserted into the head of the penis. The drug causes expansion of the blood vessels which lead to an erection in 30% of men who use it.

A lower level of testosterone may be the source of the problem. ED treatment centers do tests to evaluate overall health and hormone levels. In some cases, the best treatment may be a hormonal treatment plan.

Surgical Treatment and Implants

Surgical methods are rarely considered the best treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction. Vascular surgery is done to improve the blood flow to the penis and is costly to perform since it is such an intricate operation. Best results are seen when the patient is a young man with restricted blood flow in a single artery.

Penis pumps are an alternative treatment. They consist of a cylinder that is placed at the base of the penis. The pump creates a vacuum which draws blood into the area. Once an erection is achieved, the cylinder is removed.

A penile prosthesis may be implanted into the erection chambers. Newer models are inflatable and an erection can be achieved upon demand. There is no loss of sensation with this method and ejaculation occurs normally. Over time, the body can lose the ability to achieve an erection on its own.

Natural ED Treatment Options

Most ED treatment centers explore natural ED treatment options with their patients before medical or surgical intervention is suggested. A treatment plan may be as simple as a lifestyle change. Smoking, a lack of exercise, and high levels of stress can significantly impact a man’s ability to maintain an erection. Once changes are made, many men find that the problem resolves on its own.

Nutritional supplements such as zinc or vitamin C may be used as well as natural remedies including ginseng or Ginkgo biloba may be helpful. Before starting any of these, it is best to talk to your doctor.

A visit to an erectile dysfunction treatment center can help to resolve the problem. Your overall health will be assessed to find the source of the problem as well as the cure.